1. Buck Gardner Duck Buster Combo
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    Buck Gardner Duck Buster Combo

    Price:  £27.50

    Buck Gardner Duck Buster Combo Buck Gardner's Duck Buster Combo features two of our most popular specialty calls, all in one convenient package! The Mallard Magic has been proven time and time again, and is great for beginners to duck calling. Even expert callers will be impressed with its range and versatility. This duck call produces everything from easy rolling feed calls, a full vocabulary of quacks up to and including mid-range hail calls, snappy comeback calls, and that awesome nasal whine of a contented hen Mallard. Buck's Teal Call will help you bring down those challenging Blue-Winged, Green-Winged, and Cinnamon Teal- all known for their high speed and erratic twists and turns as they fly low over a decoy spread. Together, these calls are a combo that just can't be beat!